A quick update...

When I relaunched Sssimpli a few weeks ago, my primary concern was sssimplifying. To deliver maximum value to you, the reader, I decided to focus on great tech reads and relegate the simple tools and startups to a Reddit group.

I think I missed the boat a bit. Sssimpli was a resource for many of you to find great tools without having to run to another space to do so. So I'm going to return to posting about tools and startups here, along with posting one great read every weekday.

I won't, however, go in-depth on these tools. Instead, posts about tools will be more in the One Thing Well style. I'll simply point you to these tools, and you can determine whether or not they're useful to you.

Doing things this way has a couple of benefits:

  1. Tool posts won't require nearly as much of my time in this format.
  2. I won't feel compelled to find a tool to write about every day. Daily reads will still be the every-day content. Now, though, if I find something I think you guys would find valuable, I'll throw up a link to it.

I'm still toying with other ideas (like a weekly newsletter or delivering Links directly to your Kindle every Friday), but I think this new Sssimpli is already providing more value, and I love that it's now agile enough to experiment regularly. Questions/ concerns/ comments? Let me know on Twitter.

Carry on.