Ars Technica Will Post an Epic History of Android Sunday Night

Rather than pointing you to a great read this week, I thought I'd highlight a rather intriguing event, one that should be of particular interest to Sssimpli readers.

On Sunday night, Ars Technica will release what they call an "epic history of Android." It's a little unclear whether the history will be in video or article form. According to Ars, the history will be 40,000 words (implying article form), but the video preview clearly hints at a video.

Either way, it should be interesting, and not just for Android fanboys. Tech evolves at such a pace that it's difficult to understand the progress we've made in the past seven years. A look back at the history of Android will be a look back at the progress of the tech that's come to supplement (and in some cases, even dominate) most of our lives.

So today I'll simply point you to the Sunday night event (Ars doesn't give a specific time, so just "stay tuned") in the hopes that you'll tune in to gain a little perspective on the astounding technological progress of the past decade.

Preview: An Epic History of Android