Bob Lefsetz on Apple's Beats Acquisition

People will forget about this story in a matter of weeks, the same way the Donald Sterling story will have no legs. Whereas a great record lasts forever.

Tech journalism seems to run on speculation these days. No one knows what the future holds, but that doesn't stop tech journalists and laymen alike from guessing what that future might look like.

The temptation for speculation is never greater than when a major acquisition is announced, which is why I tend to blow right past the flurry of articles that appear after any acquisition is announced. That was certainly the case with the Beats/ Apple deal- everyone had an opinion, and very little of it mattered.

Then I stumbled on Bob Lefsetz thoughts on the matter. Lefsetz isn't a tech guy, but a music guy, and his post isn't journalistic (and doesn't pretend to be), but is instead just a series of observations. Still, it's the most poignant "analysis" I've seen of the deal.

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