Bryan Curtis on CDs

CDs outsell vinyl records many times over, but CDs don’t have nearly the cachet or booster-ish press coverage. Even cassettes have been revived by indie labels like Burger Records, which are successfully remaking cheap, junky, and sonically wobbly plastic-encased media as collectible boutique items. (This partly explains why, at this very moment, there are cool kids listening to White Lion tapes post-ironically at the trendiest dive bar in your neighborhood.) CD buyers, meanwhile, are made to feel like we’re living in a Richard Matheson story.

I have a special fondness for CDs, rooted in nostalgia (in fact, I just wrote about that).

I don't own CDs anymore, though, and so don't give them much thought these days. Bryan Curtis does. He has an affinity for that oh-so-uncool medium that we 30-somethings grew up on.

And he makes the case for his love convincingly. Curtis lists five types of albums that fit the medium perfectly, and in so doing gives a convincing argument that we're not ready to abandon CDs just yet.

The CD Case