Clive Thompson on the Pocketwatch, the Original Wearable Technology

But if the evolution of the wristwatch offers any clues, the journey of the wearable computer is likely to be tumultuous. As with early watches, the companies selling these odd new devices make appeals to one’s morality.

Wearables are all the rage, and like any new technology, it has its proponents and its naysayers.

In an illuminating piece, Clive Thompson reminds us that one of the most effective ways to put the present in perspective is to turn to the past.

The humble watch was the first wearable piece of technology, and the arguments both for and against it sound eerily similar to the discussion surrounding the rise of the wristwatch early last century.

Simply put, we've been here before.

The Pocket Watch Was the World’s First Wearable Tech Game Changer