Cort Gatliff on the Memories Lost to Web Security

This is the intersection of human failure and technological success. Yahoo security is doing exactly what it was designed to do; I’m not. It’s a helpless sort of frustration. My possessions are locked in a house, and I misplaced the key.

Threats on the internet are an ever-evolving nuisance. So, too, is the security designed to combat that nuisance. Mostly, procedures designed to keep us safe do exactly that.

But like a miracle medicine, strengthened security procedures can have undesirable side effects.

Cort Gatliff has witnessed the double-edged sword first-hand. A treasure trove of memories lies locked inside of a Yahoo! account he simply can't access, precisely because of the security measures he himself helped design, merely by answering questions about his own past.

My Childhood Memories are Locked Inside a Yahoo! Account