Craig Mod on The New York Times and the Future of Media

It’s easy to throw the kitchen sink into a web site and call it the future. It’s much harder to use an obvious technology well and have it be part of your institution’s future.

Craig Mod is one of the handful of web writers whose every single piece I devour like a cool glass of water on a hot summer day.

Mod's specialty is the future of media, so it feels especially appropriate to read his analysis of what the Grey Lady has been up to lately.

The Times is in a unique position to determine the direction of online media. No one has their reach, their prestige, or their resources. But the new web isn't about the kind of power that the Times wields; it's about telling a story... and as Mod explains, they're learning that lesson.

I'm just as thrilled to point you to this piece because of the treasure trove of links to great NYT videos and articles- so make sure you have your read/watch-it-later service of choice fired up when you read this one.

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