Jeff Jarvis on 70s Journalism and Ctrl-S

“All changes saved,” Google informs me. “Saved,” Medium says. These are like benedictions assuring me of God’s grace and salvation from weakness and sin. Godle loves me.

So much of the technology sphere revolves around now. We eagerly anticipate the next event: Google I/O, the new iPhone, the latest acquisition.

But a strange thing happens when you only look ahead: by looking only to new delights, you leave behind those things that delighted those that came before you.

But reminiscing carries a delight all its own. It reminds us that humanity doesn't change, despite the world that humanity changes. And it reminds us of those who forged the path that we find ourselves on.

It's for these reasons that Jeff Jarvis's ode to ctrl-s felt like an evening stroll, a bridge to a 1970s Chicago newsroom, and an illuminating look at the grandparents of Google Docs' autosave feature.

Goodbye, Ctrl-S