Kate Losse on Corporate Twitter Branding

But slowly, and by 2014, very quickly, the insouciant, lower-case voice became the mainstream, corporate voice. Now, a Denny’s tweet can sound more casual and on meme than any individual’s Twitter account. And it isn’t just Denny’s: Brands from Chipotle to Hamburger Helper have gained massive followings this way.

I've always been fascinated with marketing. There's a tremendous amount of insights to be gleaned about a given society from its ads. Want to tap into the collective desires of your fellow humans? Just turn on the TV and wait for the ads. There's no better cultural marker.

That's marketers' job, after all. They can't sell you anything if they don't "get" you. And they can't get you without studying you. Extensively.

It's not just TV, though- the phenomenon is spilling out onto Twitter, where recognition of the value of connecting to users is gaining momentum.

And it's weird.

Kate Losse finds it downright disconcerting, which led her to explore her own feelings on the subject in fascinating detail for The New Inquiry.

Weird Corporate Twitter