Leslie Kaufmann on USA Today

For Social Media Tuesdays, the staff must act as if there is no other way to get their articles except through sites likes Facebook and Reddit. That means USA Today’s journalists diligently place each of their famously punchy, graphic-rich stories onto various social media platforms. The purpose is to get them thinking like their readers, who increasingly get news through their Twitter feeds instead of the paper’s front page or home page.

Newspapers are dying and old media is struggling to keep up. What do those struggles entail, exactly? Why is it so difficult to make the transition from web to print?

In a revealing piece, Leslie Kaufmann documents the struggle through the newsroom of USA Today, one of the most successful endeavors of the Age of Print. What kinds of questions are they asking? How do they intend to stay relevant?

The answer: by trying to better understand their readers.

USA Today Goes Viral | Instapaper version