Matt Hartman on Yo!

If you think “Yo” has two characters, you’re not counting in binary. Yo is your mailman putting up the mailbox flag. Yo is a buzzer going off letting you know your table is ready.

When Yo! was released, the internet exploded in ridicule (myself included).

If you're not familiar, Yo! is an app that does one thing: it sends a two-letter message to any user in your friends list: yo.

That's it. That's the only feature of the app.

On first glance, it's an easy concept to ridicule. But what if Yo! could do more? What if it were an elegant solution to a great many problems? Matt Hartman believes that Yo! is just that... which is why the Betaworks investor put his money where his mouth is and invested in the dead-simple app. Over on Medium, he explains why he's so excited about the future of Yo!.

Yo! to invest