Matt Saccaro on Twitter Avatars

Avatars like that convey legitimacy and impart a sense of gravitas. This writer/editor is so successful that a mere camera phone could not contain their importance. Binding this person’s greatness into a 48 px by 48 px image required a professional.

Today's piece is short and sweet, but I was drawn to it for the questions it raised. A consistent theme throughout my writing and thinking over the past few years — and I'm certainly not the only one — has been the idea of authenticity. How real should we be online?

On one hand, casting yourself in a certain light has its advantages: it gives us a version of ourself to strive for, a goal of sorts. For professionals, it conveys success, which can attract more clients, readers, fans, etc.

On the other hand, it stifles connection, since true connection comes from vulnerability and authenticity.

I'd never thought of all this in terms of avatars, though. Matt Saccaro has, and in today's piece, he takes us on a brief journey through his thought process.

What Your Twitter Avatar Says About You