Mike Duncan & Jason Novak Present a History of the Password, in Comic Form

Secret phrases that control access to sensitive areas or help distinguish friend from foe have probably been around since the dawn of civilization.

Heartbleed exposed a massive, fundamental flaw in the security structure that underpins the web. The inherent weakness of passwords is something we've known about for a long time, which is why so many alternatives are popping up: facial recognition, smartphone authentication, even using your heartbeat as a path to entry.

Just because we're aware of a problem, though, doesn't mean we'll do anything about it. That often requires a catastrophe to spring us into action. Heartbleed may have been that catastrophe.

But before the password dies, Mike Duncan and Jason Novak want to show you the long life it's lived, from Ancient Egypt and Athens to World War II and MIT. It's a history of the password- in comic form, of course.

Who Goes There?