Navneet Alang on the Blurring of Digital Lines

Yet the distance between the verdant garden and the ceaselessly flickering, electric Internet began to shrink. What was once different became the same. Each required constant attention, a relentless demand that those things arbitrarily deemed weeds be yanked out, and those things that were important—the thinkpiece everyone is talking about, or just the tomatoes—began to blur into one insistent mass that said “look after me.”

Ten years ago, our digital and physical worlds were distinctly separate. At some indeterminate point, that started to change. Now, it's often difficult to tell where the matter ends and the pixels begin.

That shift has never been adequately put into words- at least, not until Navneet Alang gave it a crack. This is an all-encompassing essay that might just be the poster piece for the shift that's taking place beneath our very feet. It's an exquisite read for a long weekend. Enjoy.

There is No Garden for Us to Return To