Nicholas Carlson on Larry Page's Untold Story

By August 2001, Schmidt had fully extricated himself from his responsibilities at Novell. He became Google’s CEO — so-called adult supervision for Page and his co-founder, Brin.

And for a long time, Larry Page was very unhappy.

There was a time (right around Google Wave, I'd say) when I was quite gung-ho about Google. Everything they made was light years ahead of its competitors, if a product had any competitors at all.

I've become leary, lately, of Google's dominance, of its desire to take control of every single aspect of our computing experience.

It's easy to forget the people who are building these things. It's easy to forget that they have visions and dreams, families, and stories. Nicholas Carlson recently told the story — the untold story, excuse me — of Larry Page.

And it's a damn good story.

Larry Page: The Untold Story