Nishant Kothary on Conducting Your Own Facebook Experiment

We need a social network that acknowledges that we all have facets, and that it’s OK for us to pick and choose each other based on our interests. In my experience, the amount of happiness you feel on a social network seems to relate more closely to how much the content caters to your interests.

In the wake of the Great Facebook Experiment, many pieces have popped up on the web weighing the merits of such testing, or condemning the Big Blue Devil, or questioning the ethics of software testing as a whole. While I've read some opinions that have informed, delighted, and even enlightened me, each one is decidedly pointed outward. More specifically, everyone is taking aim at Facebook and its practices.

Nishant Kothary, though, chose to turn inward, using the experiment as an opportunity to explore his own social media habits. By doing so, Kothary stumbles on some truths that we can all apply to our social media habits to make it a more pleasant experience.

Facebook experimented with its users precisely because it's possible to change our perspective by manipulating our feeds. Couldn't we, then, tweak our own feeds to create a better experience?

In Pursuit of Facebook Happiness

Aside: I've deliberately refrained from posting any pieces on the Facebook experiment here. Tomorrow, I'll post the best of the bunch in a single collection.