Oliver Farry on the Downside of Digital Abundance

Speed is of the essence in the online world but faced with the Aladdin’s cave of cultural riches, one’s response is invariably one of sluggishness, of planning for a putative future that will never come.

I often think of Rdio in terms of my present self and my childhood self. Had you told me then that such a thing as endless, portable, on-demand music streaming would exist (for $9.99 a month!), I would've retired to my room to contemplate the sheer wonder of such a thing.

Of course, that dream is now a reality, and not just in music- nearly every form of media is available to us in mind-boggling abundance.

But, as always, there are consequences to such progress. In The New Statesmen, Oliver Farry reminds us of those consequences, the most alarming of which is the simple mundanity of it all.

What’s the rush? Why the internet means we never get round to doing anything