Paul Ford on the Mindblowing Jobs in New Media

While most of your time will be spent creating explainer explainers, you will also occasionally round up other explainer explainers to create explainer explainer explainers. To apply, explain yourself.

One of the more fascinating aspects of web journalism is the emergence of satire as a mirror to culture. (That's not a new development, of course, but the web seems to have accelerated the trend.) Straightforward news is limited to facts, leaving us to determine their significance.

Satire, on the other hand, can stretch facts to their absolute breaking point, highlighting their absurdity to uncover a shadowed truth.

That's precisely why The Onion, whose tagline is "America's Finest News Source," is indeed often viewed as America's finest news source.

It's in that spirit that Paul Ford takes to Medium to lament the current state of online journalism through a fake job posting. By highlighting its absurdity, Ford offers some poignant analysis.

It Is Impossible to Believe How Mindblowing These Amazing New Jobs Are