Peter Welch on Piracy

The service providers are in no hurry to help HBO out of the dark ages, because HBO supplies them the virgin blood they bathe in to stay young. As the son of an antitrust lawyer, I'm aghast that my sole options for internet connectivity in my corner of Brooklyn are getting Time Warner or stealing my neighbors' Time Warner. This stranglehold allows them to limit their useful customer service hours to "In a minute, I just got my coffee, let me smoke a J and read the funnies" and "Eh, I just had lunch, let me digest a bit."

Those who know me know that I'm firmly convinced that there's a special circle of hell reserved for cable companies.

I mention that not as a run-up to yet another rant (the internet is full of those), but to explain the frame of mind with which I read Peter Welch's own rant on the state of media.

Welch, like many of us, wants to pay for quality movies and TV. All too often, though, we find ourselves in the Vortex of Pain that is modern media consumption. Welch captures just what that feels like better than anyone I've read. Enjoy.

Adventures in Piracy