Sam Machkovech on the Ikeafication of Smartphones

Project Ara demands experimentation and customization, forcing everyone outside of the Project Ara team to become the phone’s designers. In Amit’s eyes, especially in the modern phone era, that has become the point. The mission, even.

I must admit, I had trouble deciding on today's read. There were so many great choices: Steve Jobs and his perceived criminality, a fantastic piece by Mat Honan exploring the macro of tech through the micro of a single conference, and a plea from Lea Kendall to read better.

In the end, though, Sam Machkovech wins the spot. That's not because it's the best writing of the weekend (that honor goes to Honan's piece), but because it's a topic that merits more attention than it's getting.

That topic is Project Ara, an iniative which, if successful, will change the way we buy (and think about) smartphones. It's the antithesis of the current trend of building hardware that can't be upgraded, of consumers having to choose between a few companies' idea of what a smartphone should be. It's giving consumers more choice, more say in what they buy.

The project may not be successful- and that would be a shame. So go read it, tweet it, and bring a little more attention to the topic. We should be talking more about it.

Fitbit designer calls Project Ara the “IKEA chair” of smartphones