Sarah Hepola on the Phenomenon of Selfies

Back when I could not bear pictures of myself, I used to take artsy photos of buildings, of my feet in exotic locations, to show people where I’d been. Is it really less self-involved to take 100 photos of your dog, or your new baby, or your latest meal? Vanity isn’t simply the impulse to turn a camera on yourself. It can be the very intense impulse to get out of the frame.

The word "selfie" was added the Oxford English dictionary last year (in fact, it was the word of the year). Personally, I've never understood the phenomenon, but then, I've never been much for pictures in general.

Like "blog" has recently done, the word is slowly evolving from derisive internet slang to part of the accepted lexicon. Still, as it stands, the selfie is largely misunderstood. It highlights our narcissistic tendencies, yes, but there's more to the selfie. An untold story.

Sarah Hepola tells that story with grace, beauty, and refreshing honesty. This week, I believe, I saved the best read for last. Enjoy.

A Good Angle is Hard to Find