Stef Lewandowski on Writing on Medium

People ask me “why do you write on there when you could put it on your own blog”? I think I’ve answered that in this post.

Medium is a curious sort of beast. At its outset, and for a long time thereafter, no one knew precisely what Medium was, or what it meant for the future of the web.

Even Medium's founders are still trying to figure it out.

One thing's certain, though: Medium has changed the way many people create and consume content on the web. Critics of the venture worry about data ownership, and that's a real concern- why would you hand over your content when you could keep it on your own site?

But there are real, tangible benefits to writing for Medium, some of which are only beginning to emerge. Stef Lewandowski can attest to those benefits. Whether they're worth the trade-off is up to you.

30 Days of Medium